Rewrite the story of your life with the power of courage and compassion

Learn how to...

  • Heal inner wounds
  • Live joyfully, from love
  • Go from surviving to thriving

Personal Growth Workshops

Our core program consists of three transformational workshops.

  • The workshops build upon each other so you they are taken in sequence.
  • After graduating from Workshop #3 you will qualify to attend our advanced workshops.

Core Program

Workshop 1


  • Where your journey begins.
  • Our foundational workshop.
  • Designed to lead you to a path of self-reflection and realization.
Workshop 2


  • Break through the barriers that stand in the way of living your dreams.
  • Strengthen your connection with your inner world.
Workshop 3


  • Designed to awaken you to understanding why you do the things you do.
  • Learn how to create ongoing change for yourself.

New to Compassion Sync?

  • Start by signing up for Workshop #1.
  • Show up on time with an open mind and willing heart.
  • Please note: our workshops involve close contact with other people and we encourage you to exercise appropriate caution.

Graduated from a workshop?

  • Workshop #1 graduates can sign up for WS #2
  • Workshop #2 graduates can sign up for WS #3
  • Re-taking workshops deepens healing and integration—what we give our attention to grows
Our next three

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop #2 – Breakthrough

May 4 @ 10:00 am - May 5 @ 7:00 pm MST
Registration Fee: $75.00

Ever wonder why you do the things you do? Join us in this experiential workshop where you will identify and learn how to BREAKTHROUGH the barriers that you have built…

Click for details and to register about Workshop #2 – Breakthrough

Workshop #1 – Discovery

May 18 @ 10:00 am - May 19 @ 7:00 pm MST
Registration Fee: $75.00

Workshop one is a journey in self DISCOVERY. Who is it that you think you are? And who is it that you want to be? Join us in this interactive,…

Click for details and to register about Workshop #1 – Discovery

Testimonials from our students

"John is an amazing teacher who selflessly serves others. I will keep coming back for more. I don't know that I can stop at this point. Thanks John and everybody else at Compassion Sync for being true to yourselves so that others can learn to be true to themselves!"

Desiree J.

"Just want to say that the last workshop was so healing for me. Your workshops have done more for me in a weekend than months of counseling. I'm so grateful you do this work. Thanks for all you do!"

Steph G.

"My experiences at Compassion Sync have given me the insight to continue to heal my inner child. I became aware that my issues will require my loving attention regardless of where I'm at on the journey of self-love and discovery. John is a committed and compassionate workshop facilitator. This is a safe and nurturing experience."